Beautiful Earthen Buildings For Future Generations

Living Systems is a sustainable architecture and building group dedicated to creating beautiful and affordable high-energy structures that provide health, comfort and savings for today and for generations to come.

A Process That Ensures Quality and Affordability

As both your architect and contractor, we are able to address cost and quality control from start to finish. Our Design/Build team offers a seamless and dynamic process where problems are addressed forthrightly and creatively with an eye always to your bottom line.

“Although the technology Michael and Living Systems employs is cutting edge and in many cases years ahead of what other builders are doing, there is a conscious design choice to make the advanced systems work with the boundaries of good aesthetic design and realistic budgets.”

So... How Do We Do It?

We Build With Poured Earth

For as long as man has been around, he has used earth as a building material. Continuing the tradition through present day, modern earth builders have employed primarily the techniques of adobe block and rammed earth. Both processes, however, require large amounts of time, strenuous labor, and great expense. Today, the earth-building industry is witnessing a revolution. Imagine a building with 16″ wide walls being built in the comparable amount of time as standard construction. This is now the reality of our Poured Earth process, which allows us to create beautiful and affordable earthen structures.

Here Are Some of Our Projects

Let Living Systems Design/Build Your Next Project

Whether you’re starting from scratch with new construction or looking to maximize your home’s energy efficiency with a gorgeous remodel, Living Systems can help you achieve your project goals. In addition to design/build services, we offer consulting on a wide range of projects including working with international clients.

Want to Learn More?

Join The Poured Earth Revolution

Living Systems Sustainable Architecture and Building Group provides training in poured earth building systems for architects, builders, and community organizers. Our goal is to share this revolutionary technology with the world and empower people to use this technology for the benefit of the earth and our human communities.

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