What makes Poured Earth the better, smarter alternative?

Energy Efficiency High-mass Poured Earth walls (generally 16” thick ) are the passive solar “batteries” that store heat during the winter days and cool during the summer nights. High-mass homes by Living Systems exceed LEED standards and reduce/eliminate the need for constant, expensive heating and cooling.

Sustainability through Local Sourcing – Poured Earth walls are made using minimally processed on-site soils, reducing or eliminating the need to truck in energy-intensive foreign oil products from far away. Magnesium oxide (MgO) replaces Portland cement as the binder, making Poured Earth a net minus building product. This means it sequesters more carbon than it uses in its production!

Durability – Poured Earth homes require little or no maintenance throughout their lifetime. Compared to standard construction that depend upon yearly maintenance, a Poured Earth high-mass home by Living Systems seems like the far better lifestyle choice.

LongevityUnlike most homes, today, the life expectancy of a Poured Earth high-mass home by Living Systems is measured in hundreds of years making it an excellent value for affordable sustainable living today and for generations to come. That also means that the passive heating and cooling system has a “lifetime guarantee!” Unlike most warranties on typical heating/cooling systems that may be good for only 5-10 years before costly repairs necessary, this heating/cooling system lasts as long as the building, itself.

BeautyOnce poured, these walls are finished!  No need to add anything…. just enjoy their earthen patterns, tones and textures.

Ease & Affordability  Today, with the development of the new, patent-pending Form Free Wall Building System, high-mass Poured Earth walls can be achieved at a competitive price with other wall systems yet having a much higher “added value” due to all of the above listed benefits! The cumulative weight of the “forms” used in Form Free are a fraction of the weight of standard aluminum or wood forming systems and, therefore, do not require anywhere near the amount of labor (hence cost) to manufacture and install.

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